Capalytic Offers Copyediting and Proofreading Services

From February 2020, Capalytic offers copyediting and proofreading services. Capalytic’s Lead Consultant, Tom Ling, is available to carry out copyediting and proofreading work for ad-hoc assignments. For more information, or to discuss opportunities and rates, visit the Capalytic website today or contact Tom Ling at About Capalytic Capalytic Limited was established in May 2019

World map coloured by population size in 2019

Capalytic Offers Data Visualisation in Tableau

Did you know that: India’s population is projected to overtake China’s in 2027? The population of Europe is expected to peak in 2021, as declining birth rates and increasing death rates limit population growth? While infant mortality is falling and life expectancy is increasing in South America, in Venezuela the reverse has been the case since

Capalytic Website Launches To Public

London, UK: Capalytic launches its company website today at The Capalytic website provides information and contact details for individuals or organisations looking to hire a contractor to carry out market research, data analysis, or consulting. Capalytic’s Lead Consultant, Tom Ling, is available to take on freelance contracts in the above areas from Monday 17th