World map coloured by population size in 2019

Capalytic provides data visualisation in Tableau as part of our data analysis contract services.

Case Study: UN Population Projections

Population data is a key component of sales forecasting methods in the pharmaceutical and healthcare analytics industry, where it can form the basis of patient flow forecasting models. When data on the number of patients with a disease or condition of interest is unavailable, the incidence or prevalence of a disease must be estimated by taking population numbers for a country and multiplying the number of people by the incidence or prevalence rate of the disease. Good quality population data is essential to this step.

The purpose of this data visualisation project was to produce a visualisation tool in Tableau to facilitate the extraction of population data for a given country. The population numbers must be segmentable by age and gender, to maximise their usefulness in forecasting models.

Using publicly available population data and projections from the United Nations Population Division, our lead consultant Tom Ling produced the following Tableau visualisation:

The visualisation makes use of the following Tableau methods:

  • Story and Dashboard elements
  • Actions: enabling visualisations to filter other visualisations
  • Dynamic measure selection: the user can select which demographics to display on graphs
  • Dynamic range filter: the user can select upper and lower age bounds, or a preset age group as parameters, which are then used to update calculated fields displaying the population size.

You can view the visualisation above, at Tom Ling’s Tableau Public profile, or by clicking the direct link below:


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